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New product coming soon——RFID TAG

April 16, 2024

Latest company news about New product coming soon——RFID TAG

What is RFID tag?


The wireless radio frequency recognition namely the radio frequency recognition technology (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID), is the automatic diagnosis technology one kind, carries on the non-contact two-way data communication through the wireless radio frequency way, uses the wireless radio frequency way to the record medium (the electronic label or the radio frequency card) to carry on the read-write, thus achieves the recognition target and the data exchange target, is regarded as the 21st century century one of the most development potential information technology. 


latest company news about New product coming soon——RFID TAG  0


The wireless radio frequency recognition technology through the radio wave does not contact the rapid information exchange and the storage technology, through the wireless communication combines the data access technology, then connects the database system, adds to realise the non-contact two-way communication, thus achieves the recognition goal, uses in the data exchange, strings together an extremely complex system. In the recognition system, through the electromagnetic wave realises the electronic label read-write and the communication. According to the communication distance's near and far, may divide into the near field and the far field, therefore read-write equipment and the electronic label between the data exchange method also divided into the loading modulation and the backscattering modulation correspondingly.

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